We Are

We’re dreamers and visionaries. We’re the people that still have faith in humanity. We believe that the vast majority of people in this world are kind and good. Sometimes we’ve been called naïve because, despite everything happening in this world, we remain hopeful. Yet, we know that hope alone is not a strategy. For that reason, Partners in Kind works on projects that will inspire change, make an impact, and bring more compassion to this world and the industry-at-large.

Our Partners

Audio Up has built a world of infinite audio based-entertainment, building an ecosystem of IP where every single song, podcast, and audio marketing asset becomes much, much more. In early 2024, Partners in Kind and Audio Up formally partnered to create Podcasts in Kind, a dynamic platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of BIPOC, LatinX, LGBTQ+, and women storytellers and highlighting stories about marginalized communities and issues.

Social Impact Entertainment (SIE) Society’s mission is to educate, connect, and empower professionals in entertainment, non-profit, and business to harness storytelling for greater social good and measurable impact. Partnering in a “First Look” deal with SIE Society, Partners in Kind is focusing on projects with an associated social impact campaign.

The world’s first Social Impact Agency is helping Partners in Kind marry left-brain/right-brain insights to design innovative impact campaigns, programming, and marketing plans, meeting stakeholders where they are and moving them from awareness to perception shift, behavior change, and meaningful (and measurable) outcomes like policy or culture shift.