Partners in Kind reviews all potential projects and partnerships using a proprietary rubric that helps us evaluate content based elements that are core to our mission. This quantitative process ensures that, while we are heart-centered in mission, we are also focusing on sustainability and viability for success.

The Non-Negotiable Elements

Does It Inspire?

The project unites an idea with an emotion by telling a compelling story. It helps viewers see the humanity in others and inspires them to deal with it in a compassionate way.

Does It Make a Social Impact?

The project has the power to raise awareness, change viewers’ hearts and minds, make them think and act in ways they haven’t before, and inspire action.

Can It Align with
Strategic Partners?

The project is/can be attached in a co-production arrangement to a nonprofit, NGO, community organization or movement with clearly define long-term goals.

Can We Measure its

The project has a defined key performance indicators that will be measured and reported on publicly. The project will provide viewers with the the option to access additional content, action items and tools for impact.

The Twelve Pillars

Every project we embark on is evaluated using a series of questions focusing on the following cornerstones:

pillar 1
pillar 2
pillar 3
pillar 4
pillar 5
pillar 6
pillar 7
pillar 8 b
pillar 9 b
pillar 10 b
pillar 11
pillar 12

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