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Sergio Alfaro


While most young adults were figuring out what to do with their lives, Sergio Alfaro was well on his journey. Alfaro’s determination of looking forward was instilled by his single Latina mother. She taught her boys that with will, determination, and good work ethics anything is possible. And so twenty-five years ago, Sergio’s career in the world of live events was born and he never looked back. Sergio’s understanding of productions comes from hundreds of hours on award shows and live events and thousands of hours of television. Sergio’s decade with Ken Ehrlich Productions allowed the opportunity for growth in live events and award shows. From the Emmy Awards, to the Opening of The Superdome after Katrina with U2 and Green Day, to Obama’s Presidential Inauguration, Sergio was working behind the scenes to ensure these global events were a success. Alfaro took his knowledge with him into the Alma Awards, the Wayne Brady Show and unto the world of unscripted television.


Alfaro is currently the President and CEO of InventTV and is an Executive Producer committed to making culturally impactful content for leading networks and responsible for the development and production of original programming, ranging from live events to specials and numerous critically-acclaimed reality series. Having worked with a variety of budgets, from Snap Chat’s Bringing Up Bhabie to The Rachel Zoe Project Alfaro knows how to cover the stories in a costly manner that brings in viewers. In addition, Sergio has also produced 18 “Oprah Conversations” including The Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Interview, “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City”, “Into Alaska”, “Chad Loves Michelle”, “LA Ink”, “The Next Big Thing”, “BBQ Pit Masters”, “Swamp People”, “Next 15” and Peacock’s “Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run with Warren Jeffs.” Alfaro recently led a program alongside Moviekarma for HBOMax working with diverse individuals in the industry. Alfaro’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of sales, finance, development and distribution allow for his team to rest at ease knowing he is behind them to ensure that the project is not only epic but also budget friendly.