Pitch Your Project

At Partners in Kind, we believe that storytelling is how we can change hearts and minds, moving people toward compassionate action. If you have a project in any medium that meets our pitch criteria (please take a look at our rubric’s 12 Core Pillars and the descriptions of our Impact Funds), we are interested in reviewing it. We partner with projects in any stage of development and in any stage of financing. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When will I hear back about my project?

    Our review process takes between 4 and 6 weeks.

    I want to make sure my project gets seen. Can I send it to the PIK team on social media or directly to their inboxes?

    PIK does not accept unsolicited project submissions. Kindly submit all projects via the above form, or to submissions@partnersinkindproductions.com

    How do I know if my project will qualify for a grant?

    First, review our project rubric to ensure it aligns with our mission. Your project should have the potential for a parallel impact campaign. Project pitches can be in any stage of development, any genre, and any format.

    What kind of materials should I submit?

    Pitch decks, sizzle reels, scripts, or treatments all offer a great start. We will also review budgets, but they are not required for initial submissions. Always share explicitly what you need from PIK to move your project forward. This helps us understand what we can offer you as a potential partner.

    Do you have mandates?

    Our team intentionally doesn’t issue mandates for content because we don’t want to stifle creativity or discourage any submission. Some of our most exciting projects are those that we could never have written a mandate for.

    By submitting a pitch to Partners in Kind, you acknowledge that your pitch may be similar or identical to content submitted by others, or to materials developed by or on behalf of Partners in Kind and that it shall have the right to use such other content or materials without any obligation to you. Neither the submission of your pitch nor Partners in Kind’s review of it constitutes or creates an implied contract or other financial or confidential relationship between you and Partners in Kind. You shall have no right to compensation or reimbursement of any kind by Partners in Kind in connection with the submission of your pitch. The terms of any arrangement between you and Partners in Kind shall be subject to a separate agreement. Partners in Kind has no obligation to review, keep, or return any materials you submit. You also acknowledge that your pitch will be submitted to SIE Society via the PIK x SIE Amplifying Impact Fund partnership.