Partners in Kind is a disruptor in the media and entertainment industry. We believe that kindness and impact-focused entertainment is scalable, profitable, and compelling.

Mission & Vision

Partners in Kind is a media and entertainment firm that brings purpose to production through the development of and investment in film, television, theater, audio and other projects aimed at inspiring tangible acts of kindness and compassion, building community, and generating momentum around social change. At the heart of PIK are the Purpose in Production Impact Funds, which focus on creating programming – and corresponding impact campaigns – that motivates viewers to contribute, connect, and roll up their sleeves in meaningful ways. By collaborating with social impact leaders, prominent philanthropic organizations, and mission-aligned global institutions, PIK strives to drive visible change around the most crucial issues of our time and elevate industry standards.
PIK strives to generate robust awareness and drive visible change on a global level
Content that makes people feel good, shares important stories, and inspires kind acts

Our Story

Established in 2022 by philanthropists and activists Gillian Hormel and Shelly Tygielski, Partners in Kind centers storytelling at the intersection of inspirational impact and entertainment. Gillian and Shelly met through Pandemic of Love, the global, grassroots organization founded at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Working together to help individuals and families meet their essential needs during the pandemic (and beyond), the two formed a deep friendship and realized that they wanted to broaden their impact, motivate others to rise up, and use their resources and platforms to amplify the voices and stories that need to be heard.

Content that makes people feel good, shares important stories, and inspires kind acts should not be a hard sell in the world that we live in…and yet it is. Content that does good can also do well. Realizing this, Partners in Kind seeks to broaden the narrative once and for all and prove that global audiences are craving for and responding to feel-good stories and do-good content.