The Beat Goes On Impact Campaign

the beat goes on campaign

About the Project

The Partners In Kind production team has selected seven grantee organizations, diverse in their missions, for our documentary series. We have selected 31 remarkable student filmmakers across 10 different states and dozens of colleges and universities to film and embed with these organizations. The ultimate goal is to amplify the work of these grantees and drive people to the polls in the 2024 election.


Executive Producers:

Martin Luther King III

Arndrea Waters-King


Mario Van Peebles


Robin Strickland

Marquis Allan Hughes

Makaylo Van Peebles


Tim Bogardus

Student Filmmakers:

Jackson Damelo, Cielo Yanez, Diontre Gobert, Zaid Hasan, Dovely King, Alana I. Smith, Auriyana Armour, Khalil Jenkins, Emani Labon, Mekhi Evans-EL, Mackenzie Greene, Oluwabunmi “Bunmi” Adeniji, Odell Foxwell, Cameron Adams, Jamiah Alexander, Jazmine Moering, Ricki Nelson, Landon Bost, Abhinanda Gowri, Asahni Williams, Adebusola “Busola” Adeboyejo, Oran Diermeier-Lazar, James Plested, Micah Beck, Haley Cunningham, Christian “Dom” Lopez, Yasmine Mezoury, Benjamin “Benji” Alexandre, Isaac George, Beo Lerman, Daoud Qamar

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