Groove Tails

Feature Film
groove tails

About the Project

Groove Tails is an animated feature, written, produced by and starring the voice of Academy Award Winning actor Jaime Foxx as a mouse who is seeking to be the most authentic version of himself. The story centers around mice who engage in a street dance competition and can be best described as “Step Up” meets “Ratatouille.” This is one of the first animated dance films for kids/young adults.


Director: Bob Logan
Writers: Bob Logan, Johnny Mack, Jaime Foxx
Starring: Jaime Foxx, Dave Bautista
Producers: Michael Becker, MaryAnn Garger, Jaime Foxx
Executive Producers: Mary Aloe, Partners in Kind, Matthew B. Schmidt, Dean Buchanan, Graham Chan
Music: Jingle Punx

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