zaid hassan

Zaid Hassan

Administrative Support Intern

Zaid Hassan is a Film Director born and raised in the Bay Area while currently living in Los Angeles. He is currently finishing up his degree at USC where he is studying Film Production at SCA. As a first-generation Muslim Pakistani American, Zaid’s unique cultural background has played a significant role in shaping his artistic vision. He takes immense pride in infusing his work with undertones of Islamic and South Asian influences. Zaid was selected as one of four directors to create a thesis film at USC in 2023. With this selection Zaid went on to direct the first Muslim South Asian thesis film fully funded by USC titled “Sultana”. He has since then developed his feature script “My Brother Hassan”. The project is inspired by the true story of Zaid’s brother Omar, a talented filmmaker who was diagnosed with cancer and passed away before being able to achieve his dreams. The film is an extremely personal one to Zaid and he hopes to inspire people of every background to pursue their dreams regardless of their circumstances.